Art and Design: Canopic Jars

Our Spring Term topic is about 'The Amazing Egyptians'.  One of the things we have learnt about is canopic jars.  These are the jars where some human organs are put during the mummification process.  The children found this really interesting and wanted to make their own jars.  So we did!  Check out our pictures below to see how we got on.  (Note: click on the links to find out more about canopic jars and mummification).
We have learnt a lot about using clay; using coils to build up a base, using cross hatching, water and blending to help clay stick, plus smoothing to finish it off.
Our tips for the next Year Three class:
1. Make your coils nice and thick (they will crack if not)
2. Use lots of water (clay will crack if not)
3. Wait a day before adding detail to the side (this will reduce the chance of cracking)
4.  Use bigger pieces of clay for the gods' head