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Science Eggsperiment

In Science, Year 4 have been learning all about teeth and how they play a vital part in the digestive system. We know we have to look after our teeth to keep them healthy. We investigated the effects different liquids have on teeth. For this we used an egg – the shell of an egg would act like the enamel on our teeth. We placed each hard boiled egg into different liquids and left them in the fridge overnight. We placed an egg in water, milk, cola and apple juice and we predicted that cola would have the biggest negative effect on the egg/teeth. We were surprised to see that apple juice had quite a bad effect on the shell of the egg. It made the shell bubble and erode away….so this must happen to the enamel on our teeth as well. After 1 minute of brushing, the shell on the cola and apple juice egg had started to come away and after two minutes of brushing the layers of the shell were down to the egg inside. Take a look at our photos.