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At Crookhill Primary School we intend that all children enjoy and fully engage in physical education, school sport and physical activity (PESSPA). Through PESSPA we will develop the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they can perform with increasing confidence, competence and motivation in a range of physical activities co-operatively and competitively. Through sustaining active participation, we aim to improve children’s health and wellbeing and to encourage them to value a healthy, active lifestyle ensuring lifelong participation. Our PE curriculum is developed from the National Curriculum for Physical Education and provides a progressive plan throughout each year and in subsequent years of a child’s primary education. The key knowledge and skills for each element are set out with key vocabulary and suggestions for activities that will ensure all children: develop their competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, are physically active for sustained periods of time, engage in competitive sports and activities and lead healthy, active lives. Physical education is incorporated into other relevant areas of our curriculum to build character and help embed values such as fairness, respect and teamwork.   


How do we deliver Physical Education at Crookhill Primary School:

  • PE is studied across the year in blocks of termly or half-termly units.
  • Each unit of PE is progressive throughout and developed from the National Curriculum.
  • Each unit of PE covers core fundamental skills and provides all pupils with the opportunity to apply these within a broad range of sporting activities.
  • Children are assessed on core skills both in isolation and sporting activities throughout each unit delivered with the aim of building a narrative for each child or group
  • These lessons are delivered twice weekly.
  • We deliver PE lessons using a range of different types of activities including but not limited to: teacher led activities and external coach led activities.
  • Differentiation is embedded within each lesson to ensure all children are provided with the opportunity to display and develop their skills at an appropriate level and that gifted and talented children are appropriately challenged.
  • Each lesson consists of a revisit of content (previous lesson or learning from prior year groups) to ensure that learning is embedded.
  • We regularly take pupils to non-competitive and competitive sporting activities.  
  • We provide all staff with training to support the development and knowledge of our children.


At Crookhill Primary our PE curriculum is successfully implemented to ensure that all children make good progress throughout their Crookhill learning journey and beyond as they become confident, competent, and motivated individuals in a range of physical activities co-operatively and competitively. As a school, we are proud of our children’s individual and team achievements, which we celebrate across our school. By providing each child with the opportunity to develop their competence and confidence in a range of physical skills whilst learning about the importance of a leading an active healthy lifestyle, pupils develop the skills and attributes to be lifelong participants of physical activity and lead an active, healthy lifestyle.