Hello Reception! 
I hope you are all well and being good for your grown ups? 
I am missing you all very much!
If we were still in school, we would be learning about what animals need to stay alive. I have added a little video on here, that you can watch with your grown up, you can pause it throughout to talk about it and answer the questions. 
When you have talked about everything that animals need, I would love it if you could all draw a picture of a domesticated animal (Can you remember what this word means?) and then either make a list or write a couple of sentences about what animals need to survive. You can do this on paper or in you homework book. I would love it if you could send a picture of your work to my email address. I will upload all work that I receive onto this page so that you can look at each others fabulous work! 
Remember, as neat as you can! I can't wait to see them!
Mrs Jordan
Here is the work I have received so far. I have also received some lovely emails from parents and children; thank you! 
Well done everyone! I will continue to upload your fabulous work as I get it. :)