Why is Learning to Read Important?

Here at Crookhill we are extremely passionate about reading. We try to ensure that children learn to read in an engaging and exciting way, in the hope that they develop a love for reading. By this, we mean that children will want to read, that they will choose to pick up a book and immerse themselves in it because they find it enjoyable.
Reading books allows children to use their imagination like no other time in their lives. When watching television or playing on computer games the information, characters, colours, sounds are all provided for them but when reading a book, they use their own imagination to build the setting and characters etc. This also helps the children a lot when it comes to being young writers. 
There is a vast amount of research and strong evidence that links reading for pleasure to educational outcomes. The benefits of reading for pleasure throughout an individuals life are immeasurable.
Evidence states that the relationship between reading for pleasure and well being is extremely strong. It shows it can lower levels of stress and depression as well as many other benefits later in life. 
If we can surround children with books at home and school and give them a positive start to their reading life, then the chances are, that they will go on to want to read for pleasure for the rest of their lives.