In school the children work towards several maths challenges. These are fun to do and the children are really excited to complete each one. Each challenge has been carefully chosen to allow the children to use the facts learnt to enhance the progress that they make in maths. 
1. Times table rockets- every class has a rocket that has times table activities that are linked to the national curriculum objectives for that year group. As the children learn the required skill they move up the rocket and are given a star badge as a reward. 
2. Times table rockstars- this is an online program that all children in KS2 have access to. They can go online, listen to rock music, and compete against themselves or the rest of the world in times table tests.
3. Mathletics- This is a computer based program that allows the children to practice skills that they have learnt in class. As the children work through the program they can earn coins that they can use to enhance their avatar. The more coins they earn the better the selection of items that they can buy. Certificates are also given to children that work on it and earn a particular number of coins.
4. My Maths- This is a very similar program to mathletics and it allows the children to practice taught skills. It also provides booster packs that will give any children that is finding maths a bit tricky a chance to complete basic skills that, hopefully, will allow them to find maths a bit more accessible.