Our First Half Term in Reception

  • We have spent a lot of time learning our new routines and rules
  • We know where everything is in our classroom
  • The children are familiar with all of the adults around school
  • We have had a wonderful time learning about ourselves
  • The children are beginning to be successful readers and are enjoying their daily phonics sessions
  • We have shared story time at least once a day where the children enjoy listening to a story
  • The children have looked at numbers to 5 in detail and this will continue after half term
  • The children have had days where they have prepared their own snack (jam and toast)
  • We had some lovely unexpected learning when the high winds came; we enjoyed watching the trees and objects blowing fiercely in the wind, we looked at a map of the world to see where America was and talked lots about where we are in  the world and how the storm happened
  • They have enjoyed their first ever school performance in the Harvest Festival
  • We finished off the half term with a lovely no uniform day which the children were really excited about
The children have had a fabulous start to their Reception year. They have all settled exceptionally well and I feel that we are all familiar with the adults in our classroom, the areas and the resources that are available for the children to access.