Spelling at home

Learning to spell accurately is an important part of our English Curriculum and it is one activity that is so easy to keep doing while working at home.  As you know, we have our Spelling Bee challenge that runs right through school.  A reminder of how this works in school is outlined in the PDF leaflet below.  All of the word lists for each band level are also attached below.  This would be a great time to get some practise in and work on the word lists for the band the children are currently working on.  Most children will know which band they are currently working towards.  If not, as a rough guide, children in Reception through to Year 2 will be working from Red through to Purple Bands.  Most children in Key Stage 2 will be working from Orange through to Rainbow band.  
For children who can access Spelling Shed, this is another excellent way to keep brushing up on the spelling patterns and rules for each stage.