Sports Premium Funding 2018-19


Sports Premium Funding at Crookhill Primary School

What is the allocation for this current year?

Our allocation for this year is £16000 + £1910

How do we intend to spend the money?

We have three aims:

1.To increase physical activity throughout the school

This will be achieved by giving the children a wide range of sport experiences including a range of taster days, after-school coaching and PE lessons with specialist coaching of multi-skills, basketball, football and entering a range of festivals and tournaments.

We will also encourage a range of activities at break times to widen the range of physical activity opportunities.

  1. To maintain the high quality PE being taught in school.

This will involve members of staff attending training opportunities, specialist coaches teaching blocks of PE lessons in which teachers can benefit from their expertise, and qualified coaches taking afterschool clubs.

We have also invested in the REAL PE scheme of work. A scheme that enables all children to develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life. Staff have had a full day's training and will implement these sessions each week alongside their normal PE sessions.

 3. To retain the gold Sainsbury’s School Games Mark.

An action plan has been designed to channel resources and opportunities available through GSSP to achieve the award. The school will have a new elected school sports crew made up of children from each class to lead and support sports activities in school. This is monitored by the PE coordinator and associated Governor.


A full breakdown of spending is available on the website.


How was the money spent for past academic years?

Details of our previous year’s spending are outlined in a past post on this website.


What difference has Sport Premium made to PE and sport participation and attainment?

  • All children participate in School Sports Competitions and festivals.
  • All children participate in intra school competitions e.g. house matches, competitions in PE lessons, School Sports Games day.
  • Afterschool opportunities for a wider range of sports e.g. bootcamp, basketball.
  • Specialist coaching within PE lessons to develop skills of children and class teachers.

To see examples of the impact our spending has had on children and their engagement in PE and school sport explore our website. You will find photographs and videos of our hard work and the huge variety of opportunities that our children have had this year. We have also provided case studies since receiving Sports Premium that showcase the positive impact Sports Premium funding has made in our school.

 Are these improvements sustainable?

  Our aim is to ensure these improvements are sustained in future years.

  • Our use of coaches within PE lessons has given us the opportunity to upskill class teachers. For example, a tennis coach taught a half term block of lessons in Y2. The teacher made notes and assisted in lessons and now feels confident in teaching tennis sessions in the future. Upskilled teachers now feel confident taking after school clubs eg hula hoop.
  • Festivals and tournaments are accessed across the year to ensure all children have the opportunity to attend Level 2 competitions and staff are now confident and well-practised at taking children to a tournament or festival.
  • Regular 'house matches' are organised for the whole school to experience Level 1 competition and use teachers' areas of expertise. PE lessons also continue to provide Level 1 competitions.
  • Experience days can still be funded to give children a range of experiences in PE.
  • Established PE scheme has allowed teachers to deliver higher quality PE sessions.