Wednesday 25th  March


Year 2 learning opportunities for today.


  • 9.00 – 9.30  – The Body Coach TV – Join in with Joe Wicks the nation’s P.E teacher.


  • Cosmic kids Yoga on You tube. These can be accessed at anytime of the day.



Login to LEXIA and play for 20 minutes if you have not been on this week yet. If you have, login to phonics play and play past tense penguin.



  • Choose one task from your Maths pack
  • Complete Mathletics tasks set on money if not already completed.


Geography – Wednesday to Friday

  • Make a fact sheet based on everything you have learned about Australia. You could include the following information

o   Where Australia is

o   It’s capital city and other major cities

o   Currency

o   Population

o   Well known landmarks

o   Physical and human features (river, rainforest)

o   Animals that live there

o   Climate and seasons.

  • You can do this on purple mash and save it into your folder. I have set this as a "2 do" activity. That way I can log on and see all your lovely work. Login details are on your login card.
If you don't have access to a computer you can jsut write it in the exercise book you were given. 


Stay safe year 2.

Mrs Smith.