Lunch at Las Iguanas

Today we went to Las Iguanas in Newcastle to taste some South American food.  We were so excited.  When we got there we went straight downstairs and were given some mocktails to quench our thirst.  The raspberry refresher was the most popular with the children. 
We then had such a feast, we tried everything from loaded nachos to chilli con carne and because we were 'Have a go Howards' and tried lots of new foods the chef decided to give us a treat and made us some Churros, a pudding that tasted a bit like a doughnut and it came with a caramel dipping pot.  The Churros were a definite favourite with Year 2!
After our lunch we walked to Northumberland Street to take a look at Fenwick's window.  It was a Beatrix Potter theme.  After this we had enough time to have a walk to the Quayside to look at all the bridges and the Sage building before heading back to school.
Year 2 thought this was the 'best trip ever!' and that Fenwick's window was 'EPIC!'.
Thank you Las Iguanas for having we all had a brilliant time!