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Online Safety

As part of the Computing section of the National Curriculum, schools have to teach children about the importance of e-safety. But what is e-safety, why is it so important and how can you use it at home?

Children are able to access the internet on phones, PCs, laptops, tablets and their game consoles, but it is important that they use these devices safely. The internet is a great way for children to socialise, have fun and explore. However, there are risks online such as cyberbullying, seeing inappropriate content and the risk of grooming.

Although tackling these issues may sound daunting, you don’t have to be an expert about computers to keep your child safe.

On the National Online Safety website, you will find informative links for parents and carers that outline the issues that arise on popular games such as fortnite and Minecraft as well as social media apps such as snapchat. National Online safety regularly update these guides to ensure that parents are kept up to date with the latest trends.